Cobb Mountain Shih Tzus of Northern California 


     Cobb Mountain Shih Tzus Health  Guarantee and Contract

     PO Box 467 Cobb, CA 95426  707 279 4199

To the best of our knowledge and believe this Shih Tzu puppy is completely healthy at the time it leaves our home.

The puppy has received its first vaccination, but is not fully protected until all of vaccinations have been completed at about 16 weeks.  Therefore, exposure to unknown dogs or even placing the puppy on the floor outside of your home is risky and your puppy could get ill before that 16 week period.

We can not guarantee that your puppy will never have any health problems, but all our Shih Tzu parents are free of disease, genetic defects, poor temperament or health problems.

  The health guarantee is good for a period of three (3) days from the  time your puppy leaves our possession. It is required that your puppy be examined by a license veterinarian during this period or there will be no guarantee.

If within the 3 day period the puppy is found to have a serious illness or defect, the new owner will receive  a full refund of the purchase price.  The refund will be made as long as the puppy is returned will all registration papers and a written statement from the veterinarian within 48 hours after the defect has been  diagnosed.  No veterinary bills will be paid by us unless approved in writing by us before treatment of your puppy.

Your puppy comes with a limited genetic health guarantee to the original buyer for the first year of life.  This guarantee is only for death caused by a genetic defect of the  heart, lungs, kidneys or liver.  The buyer's licensed veterinarian must provide us with a written certificate stating the exact cause of death as verified by a necropsy.  If the death was caused by a genetic defect listed above and not neglect by the buyer, the puppy will be replaced with one of equal value as soon as one is available.  If these regulations are not met the guarantee becomes null and void.

There is no guarantee for size, color, correct bite, umbilical hernia or retained baby teeth.

All puppies are sold as pets with limited AKC  registration.  Puppies are required to be spay/neutered as soon as your veterinarian deems appropriate.

The new owner has read and understands the "must read" section on Cobb Mountains Shih Tzu's website.

If for any reason the new owner is unable to keep the puppy at any point in its life, they agree to contact us and give us the opportunity to take the dog back or help place it in a new appropriate home.  The new owner agrees to never let this puppy go to an animal shelter, rescue or humane society