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Some essential items your should have when preparing for your new puppy's homecoming.

Small size crate and blanket or soft bed that fits inside the crate.

Play pen to keep your puppy safe when you can't be watching it.

Stainless steel food and water bowls.

Safe things to chew on.

Oxyfresh tooth cleaning solution.

Nutrical to prevent low blood sugar.

Your puppy will have been wormed and vaccinated before they go home with you.  At the first vet visit (within 3 days) they should not need anything but a checkup and plans for future age appropriate  vaccination and worming.

Please do not do multiple procedures when going to the vet.  For example, vaccination one day, then a few days later worm them.  Pomeranians and Shih tzus are toy dogs and their little bodies can not handle too many procedures at once.

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